Tuesday 23 April 2019

Maths at: Contact

Maths at... proudly* sponsored by Prof. Elizabeth Baldwin

*we have no idea of how proud she is.

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Sorry about the quality of Thomas' microphone, he had trouble recording. Won't happen again (until the next).

This week we watched Contact and are joined, once again, by

His enthusiasm is so infectious! So whilst he tried to educate us, we try to divert his attention with such discussion points as:
  • Spice girls! A very strong start?
  • We didn't do the "you can't be Sirius Joke!" (Although I did, but no-one laughed so I cut it. But feel free to add it back in... you'll know when).
  • Jane Fonda, or Jodie Foster?

Thomas is tired, Liz is Pregnant and Ben can't find his mass, can you find it?


If you're interested in watching Contact you can follow the Amazon link below. 

Further reading links:

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Tuesday 9 April 2019

Maths at the Movies: The Martian

Another sexy, sexy episode this week as we are joined by the NAKED MATHEMATICIAN

Get ready to feel dull by comparison!

Today's discussion points include:
  • Everyone's links to Countdown;
  • Thomas tells us about the Greeks;
  • Can you tell the difference between Jeff Daniels and Jeff Bridges?
So put your feet up, get comfortable and get naked, as we talk about this week's movie The Martian.

If you're into watching The Martian, you can follow the link below.
Further reading links:
  • There is actually a website that maintains a fact file on every episode of Countdown. Why not have a look at how Ben did?
  • Recently the rover Opportunity made the news as it lasted 5,352 sols after being planned for only 90 sols, but what did it discover?

  • Fancy having a go at surviving through The Martian's maths problems?

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