Sunday 23 May 2021

Maths at: The Number 23

Did you know that:

  • the Earth tilts at 23 degrees on its axis? (Well it's actually closer to 23.5 and degrees are an arbitrary unit of measurement);
  • 2 divided by 3 is 0.666 recurring? (Although if you round it properly it would be 0.667, which is the Devil's next door neighbour);
  • if you rearrange the letters in "The Number Twenty Three" you get "This is all Hogwash"?

Isn't numerology incredible?

This week we watched Joel Schumacher's 23rd film: "The Number 23", starring Jim Carrey. And we ask, perhaps, the most important question of all - was this film actually a secret sequel to Ace Ventura Pet Detective?

We're through the looking glass here people!

 If you're interested in watching The Number 23 then please recondsider watching Paddington (one or two, they're both good.)

Your regulars, Thomas and Ben are joined by Hannah Veale and you can either tickle your eyeballs and/or your ear drums. We're so good to you.

Further reading: 

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Friday 9 April 2021

Maths at: Bitcoin

It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform all of our viewers and listeners that The Wonderful Liz, otherwise known as Lydia Menzies passed away in late 2020.
Lydia, by her own choice, wanted to be enigmatic. So although you gained glimpses into her past career as a school teacher you rarely got insight into the funny, passionate and ebullient life that she lived. Which is a great shame, because her impact on the lives around her was tremendous. So much so that she even received tributes in the house of commons from Angus MacNeil and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

A fundraising page for Breast Cancer Now was set up in her honour and we hope that you are able to donate whatever you can to this cause.

This podcast covers the maths of bitcoin and guest stars one of Lydia's oldest friends, Duncan Coutts, who is currently developing one of the bitcoin alternatives.

Did we learn what bitcoin is?

Or did we just start to question all money?

Join us in Lydia's final podcast. We hope you enjoy it.

Further reading: 

  • What on earth is Haskell?
  • If you can't donate money to a cancer charity then perhaps you could donate your time through  fundraising?
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    Follow us on twitter @PodcastMathsAt, as well as @ThomasEWoolley and @benmparker.


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