Monday 18 September 2017

Puzzle from 21: How old will Ben be on his next birthday?

Here's the puzzle from the first episode of the podcast, Maths at: the Movies, 21, where we learnt that mathematicians like Fibonacci Birthday cakes.

However, here's the question for this week. Comment below, or send your answer to, tweet us @podcastmaths, find us on facebook, to receive a shout-out on a future podcast and a warm fuzzy glow.

"Ben is currently 50 years, 50 Months, 50 Weeks, 50 Days, and 50 Hours old. How old will he be on his next birthday?"

(Ben would like to point out he is nowhere near that old, despite Tom's insinuations)

1 comment:

  1. ben will 40 n his next birthday according to my calculations.....but ben if you like 29 then let it be so.


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