Tuesday 19 February 2019

Maths at the Movies: Fermat's Room

Welcome to the strangely erotic episode of Maths at, where we watch the tense, psychological thriller, Fermat's Room (or La HabitaciĆ³n de Fermat, for you Spanish speakers) and we ask the real questions of... WHAT HAPPENED ON THE BOAT?

As per usual, the time line is all wonky. This episode does follow on from A Beautiful Mind, but was recorded a long time after, so although we talk about our lives having changed dramatically, it's only bee two weeks for you and you already know what's happened if you've listened to our Christmas episode. It's so hard living in a linear timeline.

So if you want to know:
  • what Liz's ovaries sound like;
  • which superpower our hosts would rather have;
  • how Ben would overhaul examination procedures,
then join us in our latest episode of being distracted by pop corn makers.


 If you're interested in watching Fermat's Room and want an easier time than we had in finding it, simply click the Amazon link below.
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