Wednesday 8 November 2017

Puzzle from Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land

During Maths at: the Movies, Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land Ben presented the following conundrum.

Until recently my greengrocer sold apples in multiples of 40kg. The apples are weighed out using an old set of balance scales and a 40kg weight (see the above picture). However, the greengrocer dropped their weight and it broke into four pieces weighing four different integer values. Just before the greengrocer threw the pieces away I stopped them and showed that the set of four smaller weights could be used to measure out every integer of kilograms from 1kg to 40kg.

What were the values of the four smaller weights?

Post your comments or answers below.

If you want to know the answer you can either wait until next week or listen to the next podcast, Maths at: the Movies, The Man Who Knew Infinity.

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