Thursday 9 November 2017

Puzzle from The Man Who Knew Infinity

At the end of Maths at: the Movies, The Man Who Knew Infinity Thomas posed two teasers to you.

A simple one to start you off.
I buy a bottle and a cork for £1.10. The bottle costs £1 more than the cork.

How much does the cork cost?

And a more difficult one for you to chew on that was apparently given to Ramanujan himself.

I live on a street with more than one house. All the houses on this street are numbered consecutively, 1, 2, 3,..., etc. Amazingly, I live in the house such that if you add up all the house numbers below me and all the house numbers above me then they come to exactly the same answer.

What is the minimum number of houses on this street and what is my house number?

Post your comments or answers below.

If you want to know the answer you can either wait until next week or listen to the next podcast, Maths at: the Movies, The Imitation Game.

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