Friday 14 August 2020

Maths at: Fantasy Football (Part 2)

The first episode got us all up to speed as to what on earth Fantasy Football was all about. The Maths at: team is now ready to plunder the depths of Josh's strategies and Thomas has been editing in haste. 

We can 100% guarantee that if you follow the strategy as specifed by Josh you will be in with a chance of winning and that's no Bull.

Once again your regulars, Ben and Thomas, are joined by the knowledgable Hannah Veale and the intriguing Josh Bull. Gather round as they seek answers to such questions as:

  • is it luck, or is it skill?
  • is it better to have consistent scorers, or one off star strikers?
  • why is everyone regressing to the mean?

Of course, the simple answer is that you get reddit to do the hard work for you! See how in today's podcast.

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