Thursday 13 August 2020

Maths at: Fantasy Football (Part 1)


We recorded our first ever video, so that we may delight your eyes, as well as your ear canals. However, for those of you still living in the 20th century we've stripped the video off. Of course, you'll miss the visual tom foolery, but we're sure that your imagination can fill in the blanks.

Fantasy football is the name of the game today and your regulars Ben and Thomas are joined by the knowledgable Hannah Veale and the intriguing Josh Bull. Josh recently topped the Fantasy Premier League and we though we'd take the time to interview him about his secrets.

 At least, that was the plan.

Unfortunately, the idea of "fantasy" led Thomas astray. So if you're interested in knowing the answers to such questions as:

  • Why isn’t Gandalf available in fantasy football?
  • Would Gandalf would be a good striker?
  • Would Gandalf be a good head of a university?

Then we're the podcast for you!


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